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 The course will be delivered in your home / virtually via zoom (virtual delivery is the only option during Covid 19 restrictions)  and consists of 12 hours tuition, this includes a Parents' Course Pack containing the relaxation scripts for home practice, The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves  & the relaxation audio to help you to practice between sessions. 

The 12 hours can be done over 3-4 weekend days or over 4 evenings to suit your needs and in your own home.

If you book  a face to face rather than a virtual course and live within a 10 mile radius of my home (Bayston Hill) there are no travel costs but any mileage above and beyond 10 miles is charged at 55p per mile. 

Cost:  4 x 3 hour sessions in your home  £300.00

If you have already attended an antenatal preparation course such as NCT or NHS classes you may not feel that you need a full 12 hour course. So if you are satisfied that your understanding of pregnancy, labour and birth is sufficient then I am happy to condense this element of the course and concentrate on the hypnosis, relaxation and confidence building  elements of the course. We will discuss some aspects you have covered in other classes as the way it is approached is crucial, but we will not spend as much time as in the full course.

Cost: 3 x 3 hour sessions in your home  £225.00

Phone and e-mail support during and after the course does not incur any additional charges.

 To enquire about booking please phone or complete the contact form below;  

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