About Sara


I have worked as a Midwife and Health Visitor for over 27 years and have seen at first hand the difference that hypnobirthing can make to the comfort, course and length of labour. 

I worked in The Middle East for 6 years and was amazed at how women from traditional cultures seemed to labour more quickly and used much less pain relief than in my experience in the UK. This puzzled me for years but I now understand that although not using hypnobirthing the women had been born into and raised in a culture where parenthood and birth are celebrated, not with balloons and cards, but really celebrated and motherhood revered. In short there is not the same fear of birth and there is absolute faith in their ability to give birth to their baby. 

Compare that with western society where birth is associated with physical pain and some sadly delight in telling pregnant women about their own birth stories often with an emphasis on the painful, hard and negative aspects. 


In 2004 I gave birth to my son and 3 weeks later  (yes later!) a close friend told me that she had given birth without pain relief and quickly using something called 'hypnobirthing'. I couldn't believe she had kept it to herself, she had done so as she didn't want to feel embarrassed if it didn't work- I so wished she had shared  it with me. I read around the subject and then it all made sense how fear had infiltrated our society around birth and  had become more or less an inevitable part of the process.

Following what for me was a revelation as a mum and as a midwife; I trained in hypnobirthing in 2006 and supported many parents to have more control over their labour and to achieve the birth experience that they hoped for. Although parents were getting good outcomes using this established method-the model required adapting for a British audience and had a backdrop of healthcare within a private  system.  When I found KG Hypnobirthing I knew this was the preparation for parenthood and labour method that I wanted to teach to give parents the best possible chance of achieving their goal.

The course is designed to help couples navigate and negotiate their care whether through the NHS or a private provider.

KG Hypnobirthing is the only method of hypnobirthing teaching that is accredited by The Royal College of Midwives.